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Amagi Metals reviews

Amagi Metals News
From an actual purchase of 21st September 2014, a review is posted.
Throughout the year we have seen a sharp increase in our overall Bitcoin-paid sales. As of now about 30-40% of our total business is through Bitcoin customers and we thank you all so much! We are currently working on ways to educate our fiat currency customers on Bitcoin as well as find ways to transfer dollars into bitcoin easily in the future (ie: Bitcoin ATM in our showroom, easy wallet set ups over the phone, etc.) We can't wait to show you more! -- Amagi Metals
Amagi Metals has redesigned their website with many new features! “Our customers will be impressed by the simple design and won’t have to visit numerous sites to retrieve all the information they are looking for in the precious metals and cryptocurrency world. Amagi wants to truly simplify the experience of buying silver and gold with our new features.” - Stephen Macaskill, CEO
Stephen Macaskill CEO of Amagi Metals can be heard on this YMB Podcast.

Amagi Metals reviews.

Amagi MetalsBuy gold with bitcoin at Amagi Metals
I made an actual purchase from Amagi Metals on Sunday night, September 21, 2014 at 9:52pm.
I made an actual purchase from Amagi Metals on Sunday night, September 22, 2013 at 10:34pm.

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