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Coinabul reviews

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2 comments on “Coinabul reviews
  1. Karl says:

    I have ordered several times small quantities from coinabul, at first 2 years ago the bullion arrived quickly then, 1 year ago I had about a 2-3 month wait, this last order took almost a year to complete but the bullion just today arrived, I think the owner must be old/elderly or just not very professional, wouldnt order again, but I can say that I was not defrauded just alot of time wasted, I think he/they may be taking advantage of BTC / Bullion price swings and only filling orders when its advantageous to themselves, no company should operate that way very bad business ethics, criminal ? not really, but certainly not fair to the customer, BTC companies are mostly homegrown and quick startup, so alot of this is to be expected until the elites finally allow BTC to enter the mainstream, they control every other form of currency and own all the gold, why not give us at least one real choice, at least make your game of global enslavement a little more fair for us, not that BTC couldnt be declared illegal in the future if we start getting you know, houses that we actually own, and decent food, or even say land to live on.

  2. kevin says:

    Karl, I concur with you on pretty much everything you’ve said! I’ve had to decide lately whether to continue reviewing vendors that obviously aren’t up to standard. Coinabul was slow for you and me, but there are worse vendors. One was so badly managed that all of his management energy went into claiming I had made no payment despite the fact that his own shopping cart had confirmed it, and throwing various threats of lawsuits at us. After an entire year of back and forth regarding the simple purchase of one ounce of silver, I decided the time spent trying to document all this was interfering with the time I could spend posting some new reviews. In light of this, I’ve chosen to focus exclusively on vendors that can be trusted, some of which I haven’t reviewed yet. So be careful out there. We have some good, well documented reviews here that you can depend on, and some great ones from our readers. Thanks very much for adding your review, Karl! I wonder if others have noticed an interesting coincidence of shipping delays and market conditions at Coinabul.

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